Monday, September 27, 2010

Her Dad's Lil Princess

From the moment we knew she was coming, Summer has had her Dad wrapped around her little finger. Will never forget our first ultrasound. We had a great doctor, but her machine was a dinosaur... it didn't catch every heartbeat, which sent Greg's heart racing. We were living in downtown Chicago at the time, not the boondocks or anything, but I don't think the doc's equipment had been updated in a few decades. Greg was so anxious leaving her office... was so afraid something was wrong. The bond and protectiveness he had for his baby was evident from the moment we knew Summer was on her way.

I remember how he got choked up around the dinner table the day we brought her home from the hospital. We sat down and he was praying over dinner, his voice so full of emotion, thanking God for the precious gift He had entrusted us with. I love telling Summer about how when she said "Dada" for the first time, it was in the middle of the night, but I could literally see his smile shining through the darkness. He was so proud.

Had to take a picture of their "special date" to Starbucks today. Sum got all dressed up for the occasion... note the high heels, girly dress, and frilly skirt under the dress. She adores her Dad, and it's pretty obvious she's got him wrapped around her little finger. Man, I could learn a lot from her!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The other day, Summer came up to me, indignant. "Mommy, that girl said that I'm not summer!" The next time she said, "Mommy, that a little girl had just told her that she wasn't summer anymore!" That's when I realized what the argument was about. It's hard to understand that your name is also a season.

Last night we went to the jazz festival and Summer put on her own show, dancing to the music for the crowd where we were sitting. They didn't seem to mind. She is a born entertainer.

Yesterday, we drove past a new school in Leipers Fork, and I said, "Summer, look--that might be your school when you get in kindergarten."

"No!" she said adamantly. "I'm going to preschool! I am not going to go to a school flower garden!"

We went for a donut run this morning. Out of the blue, she cried, "I can't get this donut to Lukey cause he's up in heaven!" Later in the day, she picked out a baby sleeper for a boy at Target. "This is for my baby brother, Mommy. Look. You can just throw it up there (to heaven)." Luke is still in her thoughts every day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer went to see her big nephew Chase get baptized by Tata on Sunday. We brought her into the sanctuary for the first part of the service to watch. When she saw Dad wearing a white robe, she said, "Tata's wearing a white dress."

That was just the beginning. After the baptism was through, Jordyn and I were taking Summer to the nursery... but not before Summer decided to run from the back of the sanctuary to the front. Don't know what she was looking for, but she took off and I couldn't catch her till she had run right across the front of the sanctuary and up the opposite aisle! All this right in the middle of the service. Finally I was able to grab her. Greg just rolled his eyes and smiled as we headed out the door to the nursery.

Today a pretty cool thing happened with her. Yesterday, I lost my purse (don't be shocked!) and I was so stressed out about it, I couldn't sleep. This morning, I kept looking, but to no avail. I asked Summer if she would pray that Jesus would help me find my purse. She did, and then said confidently, "Now Jesus will help us find it, right?"

"Yes... He will," I said timidly, hoping that she was right. Well, wouldn't you know, soon after that, we found the purse! It was at the restaurant we'd been to last night (the one I had already called last night and stopped by to see if it was there--and they couldn't find it then) I was so excited when I called and they said it was there, and she joined in with, "Yeah, Jesus! Rock and roll! That is T-riffic!" It was so cool because she was a part of prayer being answered. And of course, I got to breathe a huge sigh of relief!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Sayings

This blog is to keep our friends and family up on the happenings of our sweet girl, Summer.

Everyday, you bring us laughter. Today I asked you how you were feeling. "I'm happy," you said. And you are. So glad you are a happy kid. You've had more than your share of sorrow, and you're only three years old.

Some recent things you've done... You were supposed to take a nap for Daddy today, but he heard you creep out of your room and go across the hall... You said you had to take your baby dolls to the potty, then you tucked them in bed. Well, at least they got a nap.

As I was putting you to bed the night before last, I asked you if you wanted to sing a song together. "Yeah, the bare lady song."

"The bare lady song?"

"Yeah. Under the bridge, my bare lady."

"Oh, you mean 'London Bridge (is falling down), my fair lady!'"