Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Sayings

This blog is to keep our friends and family up on the happenings of our sweet girl, Summer.

Everyday, you bring us laughter. Today I asked you how you were feeling. "I'm happy," you said. And you are. So glad you are a happy kid. You've had more than your share of sorrow, and you're only three years old.

Some recent things you've done... You were supposed to take a nap for Daddy today, but he heard you creep out of your room and go across the hall... You said you had to take your baby dolls to the potty, then you tucked them in bed. Well, at least they got a nap.

As I was putting you to bed the night before last, I asked you if you wanted to sing a song together. "Yeah, the bare lady song."

"The bare lady song?"

"Yeah. Under the bridge, my bare lady."

"Oh, you mean 'London Bridge (is falling down), my fair lady!'"


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